Thursday, January 13, 2011

you're the worst

and really, i am the worst at blogging in a timely manner. and not because i don't have things to say! (because clearly i pretty much always have too much) but because there always just seems to be about zero time. 

so being a full-fledge theatre ed major and english teaching minor that means that i am finally in exclusively legit classes. and bio 100. some of these classes include beginning stage combat, voice and diction, directing fundamentals, and storytelling. those are my most interesting ones. and when i sit in them i just think i can't believe that at the end of this someone is actually going to give me a degree for doing this. like that's just insane to me. i mean don't get me wrong it's so much freaking work but most days i just laugh and say to myself i can't believe that this is an actual degree. like this is actual school. this is real life.  bahaha high school sucks. 

so it's 2011 now, which is so odd to me. this is a new decade, people! and i'm pretty sure the biggest and most important decisions/changes of my life will occur within these next ten years. namely career, marriage, and ninos. yup, it's all coming together. a 1/4 of my life is already over! and i'm not gettin any younger, people. i just want to be and do everything just all at once! i just feel like this huge ball of energy waiting to burst, right now! i just want everything! i want it all. just everything worthwhile, and even those really fantastic things that aren't. namely, guilty pleasures. which turn out to also be worthwhile at the end of the day. 

stuff that's what's up
-pirating butt loads of music, namely the band phoenix
-christmas mixed cd exchanges w/ best friends
-having the most manly girls' apartment at liberty square
-our soon to exist nerf hoop. hoopz.
-being noticed. especially by attractive boys. face it girls,this will NEVER get old.
-people that find me endearing
-the MTV show, Made. every single episode. 
-this guy called m. ward that makes this terribly sad but really, really great song called 'poison cup'
-dinosaurs. as always.
-my new year's resolution to try new things. and by try new things i mean get a black boyfriend. uh yeah. that would be the coolest thing ever, obviously. 
-black jeans that can't fade (these have yet to come into existence)
-the song 'u smile' by justin bieber that is going to be played at my wedding. end of story. 
these things are what is currently up

the saddest thing about all of that is that i haven't commented at all about my new roommate!! namely one cardboard cutout of young justin bieber. and for all of you who "hate" him, maybe you wouldn't if he was your roommate. he is an excellent listener. 

um, no. you're wrong. this picture is not weird. at all. nbd. 

and for all of you thinking woa, this girl is ridiculous. and justin bieber at her wedding? what is she, 13? listen up people! we're so young! at least i am. i can do anything. i will do anything. i'm still waayyyyy too young to take everything so seriously. like those people who say they hate people who listen to the radio. attention: lighten up! being an elitist, or being pretentious is gay. there's so much to love. just everywhere! i love to do things just because i find them hilarious and wonderful, and playing 'u smile' at my wedding will be both of those things. i want to find more of these things in 2011. 

also, if you haven't heard of sufjan stevens your life is incomplete. period. 

also, also! the biggest thing that is up right now? sloths.
tell me that's not adorable. 
i may or may not have had this as my desktop for a few days...

so call me crazy but sometimes i feel like i can just feel everyone in like the whole entire world. i love to just think about how many people are existing, as well, right this second. everybody breathing and all their hearts beating and sort of just contributing to this joint energy. and you can't see it, but you can feel it. i mean don't misunderstand, these are super rare moments. but they do happen. sort of like when you just see something truly beautiful or amazing and just think that there has to be some other human on the planet feeling the same things you are. isn't the world amazing? aren't people amazing? they are. i just sometimes feel like there is a collective pulse, even if you can't always feel it. and it sort of makes ever being alone just impossible. there is so much existence! iloveit. 

just get it all out there, people! just let it all go.