Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i've never been more proud of myself

attention world: i have officially memorized all the words to the speed rap 'look at me now' by chris brown. 

if you're not proud of me, then you're stupid

k so maybe i memorized the karmin version without the swears but that makes no difference! the words/speed be the same. except for the swears, of course

Sunday, May 22, 2011

hey, why won't you stop sucking?

oh, i don't know blog world. because it's just not in my nature. that's why! oh, and hey, get off my back! YOU DON'T KNOW MY LYFE!

oh lol i just realized it is almost literally 2 months since i've updated. i should probably be fired from even having a blog, huh? i wonder if there is like a cap as to how little you have to write for them to cancel your blog. hmm. and now it's been so long since i've written that people who used to read my blog have probably stopped checking back to see if i've updated. and i deserve that! lol oh wow i suck. 

next, it's not my fault in large part because the last 3 weeks-month of school were just killer. KILLER! yeah, i've been out of regular school for like a month. and i've been in summer school (technically spring term) for like a month and in a few weeks i'll be done with spring term and then i'll go on to summer school and i'll go to school until i die. this is my life now! but i am comfortable being a student. 

some people will hate me for writing this, but i am now a junior in college. i mean credit wise i've been one since january, but omg, i'm a junior. IN COLLEGE. i feel like i was a junior in high school pretty much yesterday. when i was 17. which incidentally, is what my last post was about. oh, what a good age. i can't believe i'm so old and that so much of my life has gone by so quickly. truly astounding. i remember never thinking i would make it to high school. like seriously if i ever take more than 4 seconds to think about my life i just think that it's astounding and surreal. my life is astounding. the next time i blink i'll be 35 and married with 4 kids, i feel like. wait, no, i just blinked and i'm still here. still a junior in college and not far from 21 years old and gettin waaaaaasstttteeeeddd!!! lolz. i'm jk. .....

so lots have changed since regular school stopped mid april and everyone left for home and provo got sort of deserted but actually in a REALLY nice way. hey guys! in the summer even if a dollar movie is brand new you just gotta get there like 20 minutes before hand! not like 3 hours!! amazing, right??

AND!!!!!! i did it. i got my hair cut. 
this was lo and i mere minutes after we did it. and we donated it!! on gah we are such great humans. sheesh this has been such a great experience. and so liberating! so many people told me not to do this and didn't want me to do this and it took five years for me to do it but hey. turns out i'm way hotter and older looking and my hair has like zero frizz now and yeah. i'm great. that being said its quite a bit longer now (i just got a haircut today, actually) because i'm growing it out to the 'ol shoulders to see how it will look. and then one day i'm sure i'll grow it out like 2-3 inches past my shoulder but that is a ways off. i have short hair now and i love it. and i love that i had the guts to do it. 

this is after it had grown out a bit. oh and hey, remember when i stayed in the library till 2 am writing a 15 page paper that took me 7 more hours afterward to finish? because i do.

you know, and i feel it enhances my edginess and sassiness. oh and now i also really love riding in cars with the windows down. eee!!

you know why i am bad at blogging? because i get so easily stressed an overwhelmed and i have tons of things to say and things that i think and then i just get overwhelmed with the volume of thoughts that i have and i say oh i'll do it later because i don't have time to update my blog now b/c it will take too much time because i have too much to say! and then the things i have to say build up and then yeah it's blog vomit. i've been terrible at blog stalking, as well, these past 2 months. so don't worry i've been neglecting all blogs, not just mine.

you know who i love?
nicki minaj. i have her song super bass totally stuck in my head. (oh wow it seems to be on my playlist should you be curious as to its contents) so, so sick. also her performance in 'The Creep' is SICK.  watch this. NOW.  
somebody please tell 'em who tha eff i is!!

what's new?
oh, thanks for asking! well i have a new apartment. that i love! i gots a bafroom in my room! sick? i think so. and i have new roommates. but i am really, really, really missing my old ones. namely chloe buffum, lauren kennington, and heather white. seriously. if any of you read this i miss you guys SO MUCH. like a sick amount. i'm gonna stop talking about this because it's making me really, really sad. you cannot be replaced. i love you all dearly and i just feel like there's a big part of my life missing. and it's you guys. 

but that being said good ol bryniffer is down the hal and i love that gal and ol ls is in the room right next to me and that is more than delightful. expexially when she makes freaking delicious cookies like she did mere days ago. she is loved. by me. 

but my room roommate is the one and only kirsten! we are presh as in we often do gay things like matching outfits (and sometimes on accident!) but we also tear up this city with our sass, sarcasm, and brutal honesty. 

like seriously, we're unstoppable. not to mention, the comedy comin out of this team is ridiculous. 

why i'm great:
-I'm pretty much the star of my acting class. everybody always wants to be my partner (actually seriously 2 partners ago my partner said to me, "laura, you're a star.") because i guess i've been doing it for a long time now (that's sort of weird to think about) and i guess most everyone hasn't been doing acting all that long or this is their first acting class and i've been doing it since i was 12. and really, i am a comedic genius. and we've been doing a lot of scenes where we make up what's going on and obviously all mine are hilarious. and everyone loves them and it makes me feel like the best human ever. you know how everyone is good at something? and sometimes it's hard to find out what yours is. but when you find it, and you do it, and other people validate you, you just feel like you're the best thing ever. at least i've found out what i'm good at and i'm planning on doing it for the rest of my life. it's nice to have something you're really good at. especially when a lot of other people think you're really good at it. so that's me braggin on me and just feeling great. i'm just proud. it's really nice to have some validation. 
-i'm memorizing all the words to Chris Brown's 'look at me now,' namely this version. and guess what? i'm way good at it. 
-i'm now able to paint my finger nails in 30 minutes. or less. uh yeah, this is real life. 

i'm in a good place in my life right now. i'm happy and i love my family and the people around me and i feel like i'm pretty successful. my life is on track, i'm studying abroad in the fall, it's fixen to be permanently warm, and lately i just feel like i have it together. thank you summer!

what chris trager from parks and rec might say: this was litrally....the best blog post ever