Tuesday, July 30, 2013


just took my first bubble bath in years and it was delightful! lavender bubble bath, and lavender bath salts. although it went off to a rocky start when i realized that the tub wasn't getting any fuller after like 4 inches because my drain stopper (technical term) is broken. so i stuffed a bottle down in there and voila! bath! i now need to find an actual drain stopper. 


1) Song- Monday Morning by Death Cab for Cutie
2) Album- Young the Giant by ...Young the Giant. (Great cover art on this one, too.)
3) Pandora- JAZZ!! OMGosh I am loving me some jazz right now on pandora. It's putting me in the best mood. The actual station name is Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Highly recommend it. 

In other news:
Alex is getting married on Saturday and I get to see my family! I am excited for the little road trip and for what a fun/great day Saturday will be! 

My research paper deadline got extended until Tuesday!! Yippee!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

goin to DC

one week from today i am going to DC!!!!
basically all expenses paid trip to go to a national theatre education conference. that reminds me i'm supposed to write a thank you letter for the grant we got to go. but i'm so excited!! i love that city!!!

except that it probably won't look like that at all because DC is super hot and humid this time of year

 here's a shot from the very first time i ever went to the 'ol deec (as i like to call it) at age 18. if you zoom in on that picture you can see my sweat. yeah. warmness. 

and here are a few from the last time i was there like 3 years ago. clearly it is a really sunny place.

saw some adorable dinos like this steggy at the museum of natural history

and here is me with my momz by the capitol! quite a ways from the capitol, if we're being honest.

anywho, i am excited. and then it's my brother's wedding and i get to see my family!!!!! 

that is all for now. i think my co worker is occasionally glaring at my computer screen and judging me for blogging at work. oh well!

Friday, July 12, 2013


saw the first episode. only mildly interested. told my husband i was "15% invested" in the remainder of the series. he heard "15% interested", and i suppose that's about the same thing. 



Wednesday, July 10, 2013

lower my standards

maybe if i'm more okay with posting really short posts then i'll write on this blog more. it seems sort of a shame that i don't. i just thought about deleting this think and then decided to write on it instead. i mean what if someone somewhere wants to know what we're up to these days? as of right now we're up to not a whole lot of interesting.

but if you know me you know that i got engaged to my longtime boyfriend in february/march (it all depends on how you look at it) and got married june 1. so i'm married now! which is still pretty surreal. sometimes it seems totally normal, and then sometimes someone is like how did you meet your husband? and i'm like how did i meet my who? and then there's all those times i accidentally almost call him my boyfriend. awkward.

i've had my wedding pictures for over a week and still haven't looked at them because i'm SO BUSY with work and school and i don't have 3 hours to spare to drool over my pretty pictures. i am such a hog for pretty pictures, i won't lie. especially when i'm in them because i'm often not photogenic. (not being self-deprecating- i've been told that i am not. which means that i'm prettier in person so i guess that is ok.)

here's some proof that i bought a wedding dress! you know why i used this picture? because it's the only picture of me in my wedding dress that's on my desktop AKA readily available. 

maybe some other time i'll tell you about how dylan's wedding tie was stolen.