Wednesday, February 29, 2012

crazy beautiful life

well just like ke$ha, i'm living the crazy/beautiful life right now. we're probs sisterz we're so similar. but really life is insane. in really good and also bad ways. that's just how life is!


-i am so neurotic
-i am so awkward
-i am so lucky these days
-i am very happy
-i get nervous
-i'm really easily embarrassed 
-i worry

 these are just some recent things i've noticed and have noticed in light of recent life events

song stuck in my head? gray and blue, by jaymay. it's on the playlist.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

oh, it's wild

life is so crazy right now! some BIG things have happened to me!

i got a job!! i finally got a job! i have been so stressed about being able to find work upon returning to 'ol america and i did it! and my job is so sick. i work at the BYU library, AKA a library consistently rated in the top 3 of the nation's university libraries in the multimedia production unit. filming, editing, writing computer code/programming, and i set my own hours, and i can work up to 40 hours in the summer, and i can get a raise ever semester, and i don't have to work during finals week!! and a million other amazing things. how i got lucky enough to get this freaking ballin job i have no idea. but let's be real- i deserve it. 

i got my first ever speeding ticket. when i wasn't even speeding on purpose and wasn't even in a hurry. i just didn't know the speed limit. so now i had to pay $90 for the ticket and $60 to go to friggen traffic school. AT 8 AM ON A SATURDAY!! pleasant grove, you are dead to me. DEAD. and i got it the day after i found out i got my job. soooo yeah. convenient. 

i discovered spotify! i kept seeing so much crap about it from everyone on facebook and now i know why. it's great. 

i'm addicted to facebook jeopardy. like seriously though. 

i made it through another valentine's day and lived to tell the tale! 

so the life i'm living right now isn't really anything like what i thought it would be. like when i was in london and i thought about how life would be when i got back this was not it. in a lot of ways it's better. in some ways harder. anywayz i'm really happy. i'm really happy today.  

   best. game. ever.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


inside my apartment with no car and everyone is busy. 

doesn't everyone know it's thursday??? why are you busy??

i typed "fun" into google images and this is what popped up