Friday, May 25, 2012

so little time, so few organs

when will i ever be good at blogging? oh, that's right. never. unless i'm somehow in another position where writing on my blog is attached to my grade. yes, that is when.

what's new?
 well, i'll tell you, blog! for starters, i am now without another organ. for those of you who don't know, i was born with only one kidney. who knows why, just a big cosmic joke from the universe that no one thinks is funny. well probably a lot of people think it's kinda funny, but most days i don't. but yea, i got my appendix out!

 yup, that's me in the ER on mother's day night after i just found out that i had appendicitis. one minute i was fine, and then i thought i was dying, and i kept feelin that way for a few hours. so i called up the ol brosef and he took me to the doctor, and they told me to go to the hospital. so that is exactly what we did! at 12:30 am after we had been there for over two hours i was really regretting the decision to go since i thought they'd probably tell me it was nothing, but turns out it was something. so at 12:30 am i started calling my family, and texting school cohorts to tell teachers, and really regretting that i was in school at all. at at 2 am they admitted me, and at 10am i had my surgery! and i told my work i would be missing a few days and they told me they wouldn't fire me. so that's been fun. or something.

oh, hey. 0% fun. 

me in my actual room, after surgery, with mouse.

this is how i really felt.

the best part? easy. gettin all drugged up. 

what?? you want to see easter pics??? well, ok. 

 this deformed and disgusting egg was supposed to represent alex

 and this gem was supposed to represent em's head. incredible likeness, fursure

so excited for egg dying you have no idea

you're lookin at the pure spirit of easter, my friends

look at these presh darlings!

 one of our finer moments, clearly

and to top it all off, 

i got to see one of my best fwends!!

it doesn't get better than this

 first time i saw jake in over 2 years!!

all because i knew what you really wanted was a photo montage of my life. you're welcome.

oh also, my sister graduated from college! don't worry everyone, i'll get some of those pics up, too. i can't believe that it's already almost june and that we're well into summertime. i feel happy. and i don't think it's just because i'm on lortab right now. so much is going on. i just want to be meaningful. does that make sense? i hope it does.