Friday, March 25, 2011

oh no! youths!

i wish i was seventeen again. instead of half way to twenty one. 

seriously. where does the time go? i will never go to high school with the people i went to high school with ever again. and that is sort of sad.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

girl, you old

today is my half-birthday! and by today i mean the 22nd because by the time i post this it will be the 23rd. but yes, i am now half way to 21! and i thought this would be far more exciting than it has been. i guess 21 is kinda old. when i sometimes stop and think about the fact that i'm supposed to be an adult, or at least some form of one, it freaks me out. especially when i think about the fact that i am soon to start my JUNIOR year of COLLEGE!! BARF!!! where the freak does the time go??? i swear i was just a junior in high school. like just. and technically in january i'll be classified as a senior in college which is really, truly, ridiculous. i'm too young to be a junior in college. excuse me while i throw up. 

phew!! i'm back. alright, now shiz is about to get a little girlie. so i guess i'll write all this in a nice pink color so you can know where to pick up if you feel you are already bored. pink. begin. so recently my roommates and i aged about 40-50 years and had a classic motown jam sesh. we were just layin back, snappin our fingers, and talking about how life used to be. two of my absolute faves that i have sort of rediscovered, or become re-obsessed with, rather, are Stand By Me (cllaaaassiiiccc!!) and another called Sincerely. both are at the bottom of my little playlist guy so go do yourself a favor and take a listen! it's just such classy, romantic, music. just makes you feel like you wanna love someone. and by romantic i mean like idealism and sentimentality.

on another romantic note, i discovered what i feel to be an incredibly romantic flower that is now one of my favorites. i love fresh flowers. i always have. in my house, one day, i want to always have fresh flowers. but this new, delightful, little find is called the peony. 

i swear i'm not wedding crazy, these are just the only pictures i could find that i really loved

the tulip

the daisy
yup, they're beautiful. other favorite flowers of mine that the peonies will be joining are:

the daffodil
k, girl chat over. that was fun. 

-new song obsession that isn't many decades old: disgusting- by good 'ol kesha. girl knows how to make a catchy song. 


good news, all!! temporary tattoos are back!!!

holy crap. man, i wish that little guy was real. i used to have one right there before christmas that was a little pink heart and i miss that guy, too. and of course when i say i wish it was real, i mean i wish i could have it until like age 25 and then it would just rub off. or really just as long as i feel like it. 

and now, for the quote portion of our program:
-"Today I'm going to do something better than I've ever done." -Cormac McCarthy
-"I'd rather get cancer than be a vegetarian." 
-"Those glasses make you look like a lizard."
-"See, the problem with him is that he's too moral."

yup, this blog is pretty neat. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

jam handz

a new blog post only one day after the first??? unheard of!! and yet here it is. 

my first correction to make is that like a noob, i wrote in my last post that i am an english teaching major. this is false. i should edit these things, occasionally. i am a theatre arts education major and an english teaching minor. i am retarted.

thats why i love my english classes because its like a breath of fresh air. a break from theatre. and yet they're still deeply connected to each other, in a way. i love getting the opportunity to read and use my brain in a more analytic way instead of having it in creative mode like 24/7. 

but now onto the main event of this post! my jam handz. and i suppose i don't mean this literally because i have no jam in my possession. at all. mostly because i can't afford luxuries like jam. and i don't buy bread. BUT, you can tell how much i love food when you see the keys of my laptop plastered with bits of food. or grease. and my little food stained paw prints on my laptop screen. 

disgusting??? oh, probably so. but i've never pretended to be otherwise. 

a girl has got to stay loyal to her priorities! and if you couldn't guess, my first one is food. 

you have no idea how many icons featuring food i collected as a 16 year old. like at least fifteen. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

hey laura, drop dead

oh alright, blog audience, i will. and i deserve it! why? because it has been over a month since i've updated my blog. DISGUSTING!! in fact almost two months!! i am ashamed of myself. and am probably the worst blogger ever. but from this point forward i hope to never go this long without updating.

now! a new addition to my blog that i am excited about. and since it's my blog i can do whatever i want. so since i am english teaching minor i get to take english classes and read a lot of things that make me think and that are really just thought provoking. and so i realized that i've been writing all these things down in my spiral that i take notes in, but then at the end of the semester i just throw the notebook away. and this has been a common problem as long as i've been in college. or i suppose educated at all. so what good are all my thoughts and quotes? what difference do they make? none, that's what. and maybe they don't make that much of a difference here, but it's certainly far more than if they were in the trash. 

so here goes:
-so there's this short story called "the things they carried" by this guy named tim o'brien. and the thing that struck me most about the whole story was this line that said, "they carried ghosts." how intriguing is that? it's basically like a military story set in vietnam and talks about the guns they carry and military related items, but also all the sentimental items that remind them of humanity and home. they carried ghosts. things that weren't real. just memories. hopes. and it just made me think what ghosts i carry in my own life. what things do i hold on to for whatever reason that i should just let go of. i guess sometimes we just can't because they give us this inexplicable comfort that we need, however deluded it is. 
-From T.S. Eliot's The Wasteland "Where are the roots that clutch, what branches grow out of this stony rubbish? Son of man, you cannot say, or guess, for you know only a  heap of broken images" woah. i don't even know if i know what that means. but i am certainly sure that it's deep. 
-this kid's haiku that was in my group: "my still owl sits/forever to keep books of my branch/from falling like leaves. 
-Gwendolyn Brooks' poem We Real Cool 
We real cool. We

Left school. We

Lurk late. We
Strike straight. We

Sing sin. We
Thin gin. We

Jazz June. We
Die soon.
yeah, i'm certain that i'm real cool. i don't know why i love 
that. for some reason i just feel like it's epic. all i can think of is how it ends with, we die soon. 
-The poem Luke Havergal
-"Well I like to eat,sleep,drink, and be in love. I like to work, read, learn, and understand life" -Langston Hughes 
love that. like more than i love a whole lot of stuff. you get me, langston hughes. 
-From the poem Lady Lazarus by 'ol Sylvia Plath "Out of the ash/I rise with my red hair/And I eat men like air." this is the only 
thing that has ever made me wish i had red hair. i eat men 
like air. 
-Aldous Huxley saying that reading Edgar Allan Poe is like wearing diamond rings on all your fingers. lolz
this concludes my english 251 related rambles.

stuff that is currently what's up:
-these brownie things my roommate lauren makes that have oreos baked into them. uhhh chya
-"you lesbian." says bryniffer to my roommate decked out in cornrows 
-a little video called "neature walk." seriously stop what you're doing and go look it up right now. and then watch episode 2. gee dangit. it's pretty neat. 
-the video called david blane street magic, episodes 2&3 
-justin freaking bieber. my newest song obsession of his is a little ditty called "favorite girl." aahhhh yeeahhhh. if you hate him then clearly you haven't seen his movie. in regular or 3D. which you should rectify immediately. 
-just eating in general. eating is so great. 
-byu basketball team!!!! omg i'm one of their biggest fans. seriously, i am. 
-the funnyordie video called bieber or die. bahahaha
yup, these things are what's up

-something i hate: girls that wear bedazzled jeans. homegirls, i hate you. 


i whip my hair back and forth. but no, really i do. only not for long because i have decided that in the relatively near future that i am going to cut my hair a good amount of short. why you ask? (well maybe you don't, but you're still gonna hear it) since i was like 16 or 17 i've been wanting to cut my hair short. but for various reasons i haven't been able to/i've been too scared. really for like the past year and a half or so it's really only been because i am scared. and then i decided that me being scared is not a good enough reason not to do anything. unless i'm like afraid for my safety or physical/emotional well being. but cutting my hair does not fall under any of these categories. and maybe none of you really care about this. 

but maybe you will care about this: think of a life where you're not afraid of anything. like legitimately you're not. except growing up. lol so yeah you're like peter pan. what a tragic existence that is, really. but i can't help but think of his line, "to die would be an awfully big adventure." how fascinating. living in a world where nothing stops you and there are no limits to what you want to do and be. and other people probably don't limit you either, because you're not scared of going around them. you're not scared to do what you want to do, or adapt when that doesn't work out. but being scared of growing up brings immaturity, of course, and selfishness. and of course it's fear. and maybe it's a greater fear than the usual ones that most of us experience. i imagine it would control everything you do and perhaps be just as terrifying. i don't know. i'm drifting. but really, i think a world where nothing scares me is like the most interesting thing in my life right now. 

hmmmm, these are my thoughts! and really, they're all i have. 

was that a decent update? i hope so.