Friday, June 24, 2011

if you really want this, you best come correct

you know what? i was just about to fill up a sticky note of blog ideas, but then i changed the 'ol mind and decided to just start it. oh hey, i illegally downloaded like 4 albums of daphne loves derby and i don't even feel bad because they're not on itunes to buy!! alright, i feel a little bad. you caught me. 

i have lots of thoughts bouncin around in the 'ol noggin right now. first, do you think that all people are guilty of wanting things they can't have? i don't know. i mean i like to think i'm not like that, as i'm sure we all do, but then sometimes i feel myself being so disinterested in things that have come easily to me. and wistfully looking back on other things i've wanted so badly in my life that were just out of reach. that i just always wanted, or at least i thought i did. but maybe if i had actually gotten what i wanted when i wanted it then it'd be just be part of the menagerie of things i have but don't care about because of how easily they came to me. i'm being vague. i don't mean to. it's just that this applies to so many things. i mean most commonly people associate the concept with relationships, and i never, never want to be guilty of liking someone only because of like the chase or something like that. ew. but its possible i've been guilty of it in the past. probably we all have. but i've loved what i had perfectly well in the past so i think i'm okay. i don't think i'm defective (i often like to verify with myself that i'm still normal enough to carry out a functional life), just that i have many, various oddities within my personality. as we all do. but i'm super endearing for mine. so its ok. 

so school is out for summer (term)!!! aagghhhh SO NICE!!! ok sorry i know i just screamed at yall a bit with my all caps. but not going to school and just working is pretty much the best thing ever. as of today i've been out of school for a week and i am just as happy as a clam. or happy as a clown, as bryniffer would say. it's not even july yet and i've already finished an entire term of school/classes. i'm great. 

speaking of bryniffer!! the weeks are growing shorter before her and i are off to london for a whole semester! i can't even believe it. it's incredible. i mean i just know how much fun we're going to have and how happy we'll be and i just can't believe it. and in the winter i'll be able to come back to all my friends and gosh my life is just on the up and up. it really is. 

greatest thing ever:
i went boating this week!! wooooooooot!!!!!! only my greatest desire for like years. when i found out we were going you have no idea how excited i was. i want a boat. i wish all my friends were boat friends. not that i want new friends, i just want all of us to have boats. except i can think of a few snobs from ol irving, tx that probably wouldn't even want a boat. just for the sake of protest/principle. man i miss that place. and those people!

greatest news ever:
the mavs won the 2011 NBA championship!!!! WOOOO!!! oh my gosh i have not screamed that loud for anything in i don't even remember how long. like truly, i was joyous. what i triumphant win for us. such redemption after that heart breaking display in 2006, also against the friggen heat. at least shaq is gone now. i hate that guy so much it makes me want to throw up. also i'm not sure why i chose green to talk about the mavs since really they're dark blue but you know what, we can't always have what we want and i already just used dark blue and i can't have repeat colors goin down on my blog or else no one will respect me! yup. you heard me. 

(one of the) greatest holidays ever:
fourth of july!!! yup, you can't see that of, because it's in white. as it should be! but seriously, fourth of july has really always been one of my favorite holidays. i love fourth of july. growing up we would always get fried chicken at like popeyes or kfc or something and get tons of biscuits (omg delicious) and there's this big hill in dallas i think will these cow statues (i swear i'm not high, this is totally real), and just watch fireworks. actually no, that might be los colinas. great place for fireworks. I LOVE FIREWORKS. seriously like fireworks bring me more joy than many, many things. i really love them so much. i find them weirdly beautiful and they make me so happy. the past 2 4th of julys have been sucky actually so i really hope this one is good. last year wasn't sucky, i shouldn't say that. but alex was out of town so our whole family wasn't together and we sat on these boxes to watch the fireworks because we forgot blankets (bahahah we ghetto)and there were ants crawlin all over us! not pleasant. sheesh it's really just such a great holiday. my parents are going to a rangers game and i want to cry because i am so jealous. but i won't. i will keep it together. 

something great about summer:
well, really i should say something great about summer and not taking classes- having time to read :] i'm reading persuasion by jane austen right now and reading is just delightful. 
oh hey, looks like i did have a lot to say. 

remember when i went to st. george and back in the same day? yeah, that happened. welcome to summer. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

let's talk about bears

something really great that has been implemented in my vocabulary within the past year is attaching the word "bears" to things i'm feeling. i must admit that while i love to do this, it is a stolen habit from one roommate named laura steffen. 

what? you're confused? well let me show you how bears can be implemented in your life.
i am:
hungry bears
chilly bears
sleepy bears
sad bears

these are my most favorite and commonly used ones but of course you could say: angry bears, confused bears, and a myriad of other things i don't say but, again, could. 

OH!! and let me tell you another phrase i'm trying to bring back: on blast
as in: giirrlll, don't put me on blast!
for all of yall not street enough to know-being put on blast is basically like when someone calls you out. 

hey guess what? i'm failing miserably at doing my homework. yup. its 11:50 pm and i have a good hour or so of homework left to do that is being wasted away by talking about bears. 

wanna know something gay?
once this boy told me that he didn't date girls that didn't paint their nails. i seriously think that has played into my habit of always having my nails painted. i mean what is that? he was probably a closet gay. and good on him!

my own fav quotes of mine as of late:
-his eyeballs make him look like a baby
-lesbianism has made her fat
-i hate when people update their blogs faster than i can stalk them
-the only way i would pay $150 to go see a concert is if jesus christ himself were playing
i understand that by posting these quotes i run the risk of making myself sound like a terrible human. i am ok with that.