Saturday, November 27, 2010


well tonight is my last night in tejas and the week has gone by just so fast. i really miss spending time with my family. i miss my house. 

i miss my best friends. i got to see so many people i LOVE tonight, but there were even more i didn't have time to see. there's just never enough time it feels like. and i am SO happy i got to see sabrina- provo cried when her and david left

and the thing that is so odd to me is how natural life feels to me here too. i have a great life in provo but i had a great life here too! but i think the only thing that makes life here so amazing is 1) my family 2) my friends that i just love. i adore them. but the truth is that none to hardly any of them are even here anymore. if i was here without them it would just be empty. just like a weird shell. 

but holy crap being back here with everyone i love makes it feel like we've all always been here. like nobody ever left. it's sad that soon everyone will stop coming back.

so maybe i just have to accept that really the next part of my life is in provo! i suppose that's where i belong for now? it's really ok though because i really have grown to love provo and the life i live there. and the people i love there. i've met people i'll love forever there. 

now for some lolz and other pleasantries: 

-got to eat some bluebell ice cream- for those of you not from texas and unfamiliar with what this means, your life is not as good as it could be

-babies on planes: THE WORST. like you feel a teeny bad for thinking it, but you really just hate that baby when its sitting behind you, kicking your chair, and screaming in your ear. it's moments like these when i think that babies are the worst things on the planet. and i'm thinking hey lady, control your baby. a) it needs to shut up b) have it kick you and not my freaking chair c) if i hadn't changed my seat online yesterday none of this would be happening

-if you enjoy saying paper, rock, scissors instead of rock, paper, scissors then chances are that i hate your guts

-i very much enjoy seeing nothing but texas license plates whilst driving here. when i first got home i was like what the? and then i was like oh yeah i'm in texas. because let's face it: the utah license plates are gay/ugly/boring depending on the one you have. (the new tx license plates are gay but that is a whole nother blog post)

-gas is freaking $2.51 here?!?!?! what the freak!!! i found it for $2.74 before i left provo and felt like the biggest champ around. turns out i suck and so do the gas prices of utah. 

-some of you, namely my roommates, will remember me saying that i wasn't gonna pay to get a haircut because whenever i go home my mom is all disgusted with the rattiness of my hair and then proceeds to make a hair appointment for me and pay for it. the disgust began the night i got home and today i got a wonderful, free haircut. high-fiving a million angels!!!!!!

-song obsession: marry you by bruno mars. way better than the glee version. 
p.s. my hair is amazing in this state. also curlier

Saturday, November 20, 2010

blast from my past

so it came to my attention that when i and a zillion other people had a xanga in junior high we really had blogs. i know right?! for some reason in my head i was like no that wasn't a blog, but it was. and really i liked having it. and really i think it was pretty funny. how do i know? oh, because i googled it and found it and should you like to discover it as well just click away: 

a precursor! i think i was funnier back in the days? definitely more blunt. i had a definite lol when i read my describing a hamburger that "tasted like aids." also should you decide to read it you'll find me ramble about this queer i had a huge crush on for many, many months. and since he only talked to me like 5 times i took that to mean that he was mysterious, brooding, and totally in love with me. what can i say? i was 15. and i feel that's nuff said. but don't be mistaken. reading it is definitely worth some lolz. 

* side-note! whenever you read "lol" or "lolz" on this blog, make sure it sounds like "lawl" or "lawlz" in your head

also, whilst on my photobucket i found this video i made about my life my sophomore year. (it was for a project in theatre, i didn't just go around making videos about my life and then tell people to watch them)  my life in under 1 min

so i figured that whilst i'm at it, should you like to watch my pictoral essay i made at the end of my senior year, imma make that one available to you too! but be warned!! since windows movie maker sucks butt and refuses to save movies correctly, a lot of the timings are off. so don't judge me!!(so if you think there's a hilarious caption you didn't have time to read, just pause it and move the little time dot guy backward.) yup, more than you ever wanted to know about me in one blog post. 

now for some other fun factoids i thought the world might like to read. 

-so one of my roommates knows this kid from high school named nick twentyfive. in conclusion, i want to marry nick twentyfive. (seriously i have seen Nick TwentyFive's facebook and he is real people!!!)

-on thursday i was in the hvac (music/arts/media art/theatre building on campus) and was talking to my friend and his friend about how this show was way too long and shoulda been cut down and had this really terrible part in it. to which my friend's friend says, you know i'm the director, right? (bahahaha) so since i had started i really couldn't back down. so it's lucky that i had a really, really good point. 

-i have realized that i'm one of those terrible people that say "perfect" in response to far too much. 
    -person: hey laura, i'm coming over in 5 minutes. 
      -me: oh ok, perfect. 
      -person: yeah we open at 10 am
  -me: oh, great, perfect. 
i fear this makes me terribly annoying. yet there is no end in sight! (perfect.)

-something i hate: whenever i'm walking around campus and i hear a convo that goes something like this
  -#1: hiii!!! #2: heyy! #1: how are you? #2: i'm so good!!
  -#1: heyyy! #2: heeyy! how are you? #1: oh, i'm the best!
it's possible that you have to go to byu to really understand how conversations like this sound and how freaking annoying they are. hey! listen, good for you. we're glad that you're SOO GOOD when the rest of us are just pretty good, or doing well. we're all glad you're just so awesome and you're slapping us in the face with your awesome life! gay! just be normal and say you're good like the rest of us!!!

phew, glad i got that off my chest. don't lie, you guys know you hate people that are too happy, too. 

-song that always makes me happy: what you want by the starting line. and don't all you music snobs from irving, tx (you know who you are) try to tell me that their newest full album (direction) isn't good because it's false!!!! we will fight to the death!! but we're still best friends

Thursday, November 18, 2010

i am craving cupcakes

i have so many new things to blog about!! so first of all life is great right now because i'm sitting in my favorite spot in this entire library. and i'm really big on sitting in my spot, wherever that may be. i'd describe this particular spot but then i'd spend like an entire paragraph talking about all the specifics and turns out i don't think anyone really cares too much.

k secondly. lets take a second to talk about nail polish. because i love to have my nails painted but seriously the color only fully lasts on all the nails for about 4 days. MAYBE five. but then i see all these girls with their perfectly painted nails and i'm like do you re-do your nails every five days? (who has time for that???) or do you just have this great secret so that your nails are always painted? and then i love to peel off the polish and then like 1 or 2 of my nails have zero polish on them and it looks gay. also even after my nails have been drying for TWO HOURS and i go to bed i still wake up with smudges all over that. what the freak is up with that. clearly this is a serious issue in my life. (but really, it is.)

its also a good day because i swear i almost ALWAYS end up sitting next to this terrible girl in new testament (and i'm like always on her right) and when she takes notes she jabs her bony little elbow all over my arms and ribs! like whats wrong with you? keep your elbows to yourself. almost every tuesday and thursday at noon i want to set that girl on fire.

also tonight at midnight is harry potter! holla. cept my cape and wand and gryffindor scarf are all in tejas so really i'm bummed about that. i remember two summers ago when i saw the 6th one at midnight. it was like me, marcos, josh, max, cameron, and mariana. so fun. were me and mariana the only girls there? perhaps. that happened a lot. speaking of mariana this is a pic of hello kitty i drew for her on paint.
uh shya. you should be impressed. when i was like 6 i got this giant hello kitty pillow thing? i don't know hard to describe but i loved that thing so much and i would always twirl the bow and eventually it tore off. that was a very sad day. don't ask why i drew this because i do not remember. i was like 17.

next. those of you who know me well know that i have always been obsessed with elizabeth smart. the girl is fascinating!! i remember when i was 12 and she was snatched and i remember when they found her! and people are all oh laura you're such a creep and i'm like well yeah i've never said i'm not. but for like 3 hours last night i was reading the transcript from her trial like last week and let me tell you the girl is fascinating. and i'm like still nowhere near done. it takes a lot of dedication to keep up with this habit of mine. but yeah i just can't imagine how you even attempt to start living a "normal life" after being what she's been through. and then to go on a mission? the girl is amazing.

alright. to visually spice up my last comments we're doing a font change. alright, attention all girls who wear like flare cut jeans and tennis shoes: STOP IT!!! we all hate you. or at least we're all judging you. or at least i'm judging  you. that being said, i'm sure you're all lovely people. so either get some new shoes or get some new pants. seriously its time. 

also, turns out i think i write too much in these ol posts. but seeing as how i've always been one to both talk and write too much i'm not gonna stop doing it now! 

blogz r cool. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

blog it up

      lookout world!! i have a blog!!!  i've always said i would never. i always think blogs are for married people. (don't you think blogs are for married people?) but in my head i just had this thought: hey! you should get a blog!!! to which i said well, ok. and the thing about it is i hope, in a way, that no one ever reads this thing. because i feel like with each human who does it limits what i can write. and i could just go write in my journal but i think part of why people love writing in blogs is because other people look at them! but you don't know who will look at what, exactly, so there's a little bit of risk in what you write that's great. and if you feel really brave, you write something and you say well i hope no one reads this. but i hope everyone reads it!!!! and really my problem is that i love to be as offensive, pointed, and politically incorrect as possible at all times but then people you care about say how could you write that about me? how could you think that?! and i say well i love you but i just had to say it! (or at least i was brave enough to do that.) or stupid people say, man was that about me? and i'm like no, no way. but obviously i'm like yeah that was totally about you. already this blog makes no sense.
     and i guess another one of my problems is that i'm generally pretty open about the vast majority of my life. which has the possibility of leading people like to say woaah that girl shares waaaayy too much information. but really they're loving all the juicy dirt they just heard. i feel like everyone is like that. sometimes we're like ok turns out i think i'm uncomfortable by what i'm hearing/seeing/reading but not so/secretly i love it. oh gosh and the thing i hate about like blogs and stuff! i feel so much pressure to be profound and have all these great artsy,indie, eclectic pictures and i don't know backgrounds and crap. so then i just don't want to do anything. or i post you guys pictures depicting me in hedgehog form telling about that one time i saw big foot. yes. i am the hedgehog. in other news: those little guys are adorable. or adorbs, as my roommate lauren likes to say. who am i kidding i like to say it too.

so does anyone else think about how sad it is that the original dumbledore in the movies had to die? because frankly the new guy really sucks and is SO un-dumbledore like. hate me if you will. 

i would kill a man for some oreos right now. 

i hope you like my blog!!