Tuesday, July 30, 2013


just took my first bubble bath in years and it was delightful! lavender bubble bath, and lavender bath salts. although it went off to a rocky start when i realized that the tub wasn't getting any fuller after like 4 inches because my drain stopper (technical term) is broken. so i stuffed a bottle down in there and voila! bath! i now need to find an actual drain stopper. 


1) Song- Monday Morning by Death Cab for Cutie
2) Album- Young the Giant by ...Young the Giant. (Great cover art on this one, too.)
3) Pandora- JAZZ!! OMGosh I am loving me some jazz right now on pandora. It's putting me in the best mood. The actual station name is Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Highly recommend it. 

In other news:
Alex is getting married on Saturday and I get to see my family! I am excited for the little road trip and for what a fun/great day Saturday will be! 

My research paper deadline got extended until Tuesday!! Yippee!!!!!!!!

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